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FOR ONLY $60 (RRP $175)

Due to high demand, until the end of June 2019 we're giving away vouchers for an Initial Chiropractic Consultation + Spinal Xrays * for only $60 (RRP $175)


1.     Thorough Initial History & Exam

2.     Postural assessment 

3.     Functional movement assessment

4.     Nerve system assessment

5.     Initial Consultation & X-ray * 

6.     Chiropractic Adjustment **

Terms and Conditions

New Clients only

Voucher numbers are limited due to the capacity of Thrive Chiropractic Co

$175 RRP is based upon our standard Initial Consultation and Regular Visit fees.

* Spinal X-rays only if clinically indicated

* X-rays are outsourced by referral, these are Medicare Bulk billed if you meet the Medicare criteria.

**Chiropractic adjustments will only occur on the first visit when it is safe to do so.

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