How often should you be getting checked by your chiropractor?

Of corse, this is a very individualised question and depends on different factors, such as your lifestyle, how much/what type of stress you are under, and how long you can hold your adjustments for (which again can depend on your lifestyle and what you are doing between visits).

When many people first see a chiropractor, they may need to be checked and adjusted more regularly in the beginning. This is often because issues have compounded and built up over years or decades.

Over time and as their nervous system interprets and adapts better to their environment, they can go longer without needing an adjustment.

It’s never just about someone’s pain level. In fact, just because someone is feeling better doesn’t always mean their adjustment has held. How could that be? Well, only a very small percentage of your nervous system perceives pain/sensation – so little actually, that it’s an unreliable marker for what’s going on.

Think about someone you know who has looked/felt/seemed “healthy” and then a diagnosis is given. It’s confronting – but how we feel does not equal how healthy (or not!) we are. This is exactly why when determining someone’s progress, pain levels are not the first thing we use to determine what’s going on for the person.

Of course we care that you are in pain, we just understand that there’s often more to the story.

Many people choose life-long chiropractic care to keep their spines and nervous system healthy and functioning optimally, much in the same way people choose life-long dental care for their teeth.

Dr Jake and I make sure we get checked and if necessary, adjusted every 2 weeks and have been doing so for many years – despite most of those checks having no obvious pain, signs or symptoms. We also get an adjustment first and foremost during times of additional stress, immune challenges or physical injuries. Some people turn first to drugs, we chose to turn to supporting and enhancing the healing power of the human body. Why? A strong and healthy body can heal much more effectively than a weak and diseased one.

That approach may or may not be right for you. The great thing is YOU get to decide what level you play the game. Some people will always use chiropractic as pain/symptom management and that is 100% OK by us. However, we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t tell you the rest of the story!