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Thrive, a natural choice for your Baby's Chiropractor needs

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(07) 5373 8611

6/247 David Low Way

Peregian Beach 4573

Sunshine Coast

QLD, Australia

Welcome to Thrive Chiropractic Co Peregian Beach
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Caring and experienced Baby and Children’s Chiropractor, Sunshine Coast

If you are experiencing conditions such as sciatica, rib cage pressure and round ligament pain, you are not alone. Book an appointment to see how we can help you.

Looking for a dedicated Children’s Chiropractor Coolum Beach and surrounding areas?

At Thrive Chiropractic Co, we are highly trained and experienced in working with clients throughout every life stage. We provide care for newborn babies, toddlers, children and adolescents, as well as adults of all ages! We believe that health is key throughout all the different stages of your development. We use gentle methods when working with children and infants and build a strong relationship with your entire family. Many parents bring their children or newborn babies into our practice to address imbalances that are often caused by the birth process and can affect the development of your child or baby. The health of an infant's brain is affected greatly by the spine, so by ensuring alignment, your child will be better able to function on many levels. Book in with Thrive Children Chiropractors, Peregian Springs, today Different stages of pregnancy can cause havoc on an expectant mother’s body, our chiropractic care seeks to address this. During pregnancy, there is pressure on many areas of a woman's body.  Muscles and joints can lose stability during pregnancy due to an increase in the hormones relaxin and progesterone, which can lead to issues in joints such as the hips and pelvis. Back and neck pain in pregnant women is quite commonly seen by chiropractors due to the increase in weight being carried, and also due to changes in the way a pregnant mother can comfortably sleep.  We have purpose-designed pillows to make it easy for pregnant women to be adjusted even at later stages of pregnancy. Adjustments can assist with achieving better birthing outcomes by improving pelvic floor control and muscular tension. The position of your baby in the womb can have an impact on early spinal and nerve development.

Traumatic birthing and baby care, your trusted Sunshine Coast Chiropractor

Birth can be a very strenuous process for both a pregnant mother and their newborn child, even in an ideal delivery.

Aside from the naturally occurring pain and pressure of childbirth, many mothers and their newborns suffer additional pain from pregnancy and birth complications, medical interventions or caesarean births.

Chiropractic care takes into account how these procedures impact the body, as well as any injuries sustained by the mother or child. Thrive Chiropractic Co will create a care plan to achieve structural realignment, whether your birth was natural, medically assisted or caesarean.

Creating healthier families with Baby and Children Chiropractic Sunshine Coast

Many injuries are treated locally, but chiropractors look at the overall impact and alignment and how your body responds as a whole. An imbalance on one side of the body, for instance, can have an effect on the spine or bring about overcompensation from another part of the body.

Chiropractic care in children seeks to continuously balance the spine and structural system whether they’ve just arrived, are going through the natural learning cycles of crawling and walking, or playing sports and leading an active lifestyle.

Book with your local Family and Children Chiropractor, Noosa and surrounds

Children’s chiropractic - a natural approach to wellbeing

Chiropractic for children focuses on gently aligning the spine of your baby or child with an awareness of how this affects the function of the brain and nerve signals. Parents bring their infants and children in for a number of reasons and often notice subtle shifts in many areas after being adjusted.

Positive effects of aligning the spine

Your spine is such an important structure, connected to the base of your brain and regulating the nerve signals which control almost every function of the body. Spinal alignment may address one or two locations of dysfunction but has an effect on the regulation of your entire nervous system. Chiropractic care can have such a positive flow-on effect for many infants and children we work with, with parents reporting better sleep, higher levels of focus or calmer behaviour.

Thrive Chiropractic Co, taking care of your whole family

As a highly trusted family and children’s chiropractors, Dr James Nock and Dr James MacKay at Sunshine Coast’s Thrive Chiropractic Co look forward to working with you and your children. Although many women are referred by their midwife or doctor, you do not require a referral for us to work with you throughout your pregnancy, after your baby arrives, and with your growing child.

Book today with your local family and children chiropractor, Peregian Beach

Thrive Chiropractic Co look forward to working with your whole family

We’d love for you to get in touch to discuss how we can best assist you. Our clinic is based in Peregian Beach, and we work with many Sunshine Coast families from the surrounding local areas of Coolum Beach, Noosa and Peregian Springs.


Call us at Thrive to schedule your complementary 15 minute conversation with one of our chiropractors, OR your full initial consultation. You can easily

book online too (we love having options).


Your first visit with us is all about sitting down with you, getting to the core of what's happening and putting together an individualised plan to address your health goals and chiropractic care needs.

We implement your plan together with you, starting by getting you adjusted.

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6/247 David Low Way

Peregian Beach 4573

Sunshine Coast

QLD, Australia

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