We all have a ‘cup’ that we give from, and we need to fill this cup constantly. If our cup isn’t full there is no way we can be our best personally or professionally. The habits we regularly engage in contribute to either filling this cup or emptying it. Obviously the ultimate goal is to put more good stuff in. This means having more positive, health-contributing habits than destructive ones.

It’s a balancing act. Too often it’s the negative habits, the things we do, or don’t do “just because” that have serious ramifications long term. Giving your body sufficient movement, eating good food, drinking good clean fresh water, getting quality rest, having fun and enough time recharging are some of the big ones we need to fill the cup. Importantly, there is also getting the system that controls it all (the central nervous system) in top working order so you can process life effectively, and that’s what we do at Thrive.

Here’s some perspective…

The average Australian lives approximately 30,000 days (give-or-take). The average 35 year-old walking around has roughly 17,300 days to live, that’s a measly 568 months (… I know). This is why seeing people walk through our doors experiencing life at less than 100% can be really upsetting.

What we see far too often at Thrive is a person that has waited a long time for some kind of physical dysfunction to resolve itself, in some cases we are talking decades of pain and compromised function. That’s some serious time on the sidelines! A critical distinction here is that yes, your body always does the healing. However, there are situations where your body needs some support in order to do that. Don’t sit by and wait for things to get really bad before you act; the odds are you’re wasting time.

A fact of life is that the human body is dynamic, it’s constantly changing and adapting. What is critical to understand here is that very rarely does the condition of your body stay the same. One of two things occurs. A) the function and health of your body is improving. Or, option B) the function and health of your body is declining.

Which do you think is you? If it’s B, at what point will you put your hand up for help?

We’re big on you living your life the way you deserve to live; happily, healthily and doing the things you love and need to do. Get in touch to see if we can help!